Passionate Plant People

We're fortunate to have staff that are not only passionate about plants and customer service, but they are also models for stock photography. What a coincidence!

Madison Scholl
Online Sales/Grower

Madison has helped from time to time at LHGC over the years and now is a full-time key member of our staff. Madison loves pla...
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Huck Culberson
Furry Consultant

Huck is the happiness in your bad day and the companion for your other furry friends whenever you are in the garden center. H...
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Will Culberson

Will is the owner of LHGC. He manages the greenhouses, runs the deliveries, and takes care of his customers and employees. Wi...
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Geoff Talley
Retail Sales/ Operations

Geoff has been with us at LHGC almost from the very beginning is an integral part of the everyday operations at the nursery. ...
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